Call2 Arms is a place to purchase firearms, accesories and ammunition at an extremely discounted rate. My intention is to place a weapon in every home of responsible gun owners but at a price everyone can afford. I believe everyone has a right to Bear Arms, Protect your Home and Family and if need be to protect their beliefs in the American way of life.


I will also specialize in Concealment but that part will grow as time and clients grow. 

All business through Call2-Arms WILL be conducted 100% Legally and professionally.

Equipment Desired  

Background Checks are $10

Consignment Fees are 5% of sale

Transfer Fees are $25

Set Rates:

How I'm going to work it is quite simple; Until I finish upgrading my site, you simply email me what type, make, model, caliber, color....whatever your looking for and I'll scour my wholesale resources to find you the lowest price possible.

As I stated before, my goal is to offer every qualified US Citizen the opportunity to afford piece of mind through the personal protection of a weapon, not to get rich or make a huge chain of stores. I'm just a small town guy with a small time business.


Dan H.